Review Of Mexican Food

It is said that tortillas were invented by the original inhabitants of Mexico, and these are very popular in Mexican cuisine today. Tortillas are unleavened flat breads made from maize or flour and they are a very thick, firm and puffy type of bread that can easily be sliced with a knife. When they are freshly made, they are golden brown and contain a rich, creamy and slightly sweet taste. However, tortillas can also be made at home in a similar way, by using corn meal, tapioca flour, milk, eggs, cheese and other ingredients.

Another popular style of Mexican cuisine is that of Tex-Mex. In general, all the ingredients used in this type of food are not fresh; instead, it uses dried, smoked, chopped and ground spices. Some of the main ingredients used in this type of Mexican cuisine are: salsa, carnitas, guacamole, pollo, refried beans, chimichangas, queso, chili powder, salsa fresca, and black beans.

Of course, no discussion on Mexican food would be complete without mentioning the famous enchiladas. The word enchilada means “dipped in chili” in Spanish, and these dishes are some of the most popular foods in Mexico and the South. Traditionally, they are made with masa dough and are then topped off with a red or green sauce. Some of the most popular enchiladas include: black beans, shrimp, carnitas, skirt steak, refried beans, chicken, and pastor.

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